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Richard Gene Fishing Machine 2021. Simms men s gt tricomp long sleeve shirt mens fishing shirts long sleeve shirts shirts brasseur the task forces first. Richard gene the fishing machine shows you how to fiddle worms!

JimmyHoustonOutdoorsFishingwithRichardGene PursuitUP
JimmyHoustonOutdoorsFishingwithRichardGene PursuitUP from pursuituptv.com

Most viewed video from richard gene the fishing machine youtube channel. Jimmy and youtube star richard gene the fishing machine are crappie fishing in oklahoma. In this video i see what appears to be a smallmouth x spotted x redeye andor smallmouth x redeye hybrids around 1500 1800 and 2200.

JimmyHoustonOutdoorsFishingwithRichardGene PursuitUP

Check out all our other great newsletters from discovery channel shows and articles. Richard gene the fishing machine worm fiddling wearing crappie dot com shirt. Richard gene the fishing machine. Fishing has been my passion sense i was 6 years old and always will be.